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June 15, 1908 - November 4, 1984


     Dr. Dr. Paul V. Murray, born June 15, 1908, Chicago, IL, “His contributions to the local Mexican-English community have been wide and varied.  He was a founding member and the first American vice president of the Mexican-American Institute of Cultural Relations, a founding member of the American Society, secretary of the organizing committee that founded Colegio Tepeyac and Colegio Guadalupe, a member of the organizing committee that founded St. Patrick’s Church,  now the Anglo-American parish in Mexico City, and a founding member of the committee that established Junípero Sera School.

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       “He started teaching at the American High School in August, 1936, became Principal in September 1939, and resigned from the High School in July 1, 1946, the year MCC moved into its own buildings and he     became Dean and Vice-Principal of Mexico City College.  Dr, Murray aided in planning the buildings and grounds of the American School in Tacubaya, and he helped to promote the spread of American football, basketball, and softball in connection with his work at MCC and at the American School.”  Murray received his honorary Doctor of Law degree from his alma mater,