Recommended Reading:
Richard W. Wilkie, "Dangerous Journeys: Mexico City College Students
                    and the Mexican Landscape, 1954-1962," Adventures Into Mexico: American                     Tourism Beyond the Border, ed. Nicholas D. Bloom (2006)    

       Dr. Wilkie's "Dangerous Journey" chapter is a free download at:          

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MCC Logo on the left; the UDLAP logo on the right
Group photo of students plus convertible with "Mexico City College or Bust" on the back   Drs. Cain and Murray leaving the main entrance   Student standing in front of the main entrance
  The original College Campus
(1940-1954), on Calle San Luis Potosi 154, Col. Roma, Mexico, D.F.
Photo (ca.1942) courtesy UDLAP

   The Carretera Mexico-Toluca, Km. 16
            Campus (1954-1963)
       Photo courtesy of Monika Howell, 1957                       
Photo Montage (1955)
Courtesy of UDLAP
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